Chapter Philanthropy

The Sigma Kappa Foundation initiated the Alzheimer's Disease and Research Grant Program in 1988 and has since given over a half a million dollars to the researchers and practitioners who have dedicated their efforts to help those with Alzheimer's. Our Chapter aids in the fight against Alzheimer's disease by hosting a Greek-wide philanthropy event known as "UltraViolet MudBowl." Each fall, members of our Chapter organize and host a mud volleyball tournament at Tuttle Creek Lake. Proceeds from this event are donated to the Sigma Kappa Foundation to help fund and support Alzheimer's disease and gerontology research endeavors. In 2015, our chapter successfully raised approximately $30,000 for Alzheimer's Disease research. You can visit the Sigma Kappa Foundation for more information about how we are helping fight this debilitating disease.

  • Ultra Violet Mudbowl is our largest philanthropy event, and one of the largest greek philanthropy events. Mudbowl is a mud volleyball tournament between other greek houses, campus clubs, and dorm floors. The women of Sigma Kappa act as coaches for the teams and make sure they get to their games and cheer them on throughout the tournament. 
  • This past spring, we had our fourth annual Sigma Kappatizers. We had a vast array of appetizers in an all-you-can-eat buffet style setup. The event was held in our dining room at the Sigma Kappa house. 
  • Twice a semester, we participate in an event called Adopt-A-Highway for our Inherit the Earth philanthropy. This is a time where girls can volunteer to go out and pick up trash alongside the highway that is designated to Sigma Kappa to take care of. By participating in the Adopt-A-Highway events, women can clean up our planet as well as bond with sisters they may have not before!